I have recently found out that a Doctor is carrying out Botox injections in a local gym. Whilst I am sure that this Doctor knows what they are doing; I do worry about the patients receiving treatment in such an environment.

It is a well-known fact that gyms are a haven of bacteria and fungal infections. Even the floor of the gym can transmit germs to any single piece of equipment like a ball, and therefore a prospective patient. What is less well known is that these germs can survive for three days so leaves a potential injectable patient at risk.

In a recent study yoga balls were particularly prone to collecting staphylococcus aureus and even when the ball was sterilised before use, it was transferred from floor to ball immediately when being used.

Although this article was published in a men’s magazine, it is a good article and worth a read

Another important safety aspect is that you should not exercise immediately before or after Botox treatment. Exercise increases circulation in the body, including the face, which is why your face flushes and gets red when you work out. This increased circulation is great for your skin, but can cause the Botox® to migrate away from the site of injection, making it less effective.

For anyone considering a gym visit combined with a Botox® treatment; be warned. The risk is yours and yours alone.

You should always attend a reputable, sterile clinic and a reputable Doctor for a medical treatment.



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