How aging can change your approach to life and others


Do women of a certain age become wiser as they age or maybe just comfortable in their own skin?


As I find myself getting older, I would not necessarily say I’m wiser, but I do think I am becoming more pragmatic. Society seems very focused apportioning blame, and I find this particularly the case in my interaction with millennials.

For me, with age has come an improvement in self-worth, and with it a mounting resistance to putting up with others hogwash. As you age you intuitively speak your mind and refuse to be steamrollered into others’ ideals. I am not sure if this is the definition of ‘wisdom’; but I’m certainly more derisive of negative behaviour and less prepared to skirt around issues.

I have always been a confident person, and never particularly worried about others’ views of me. But equally I have never tried to overly influence others.

When I reached my forties, I wanted my life to have more purpose, and threw myself into a charitable organisation. This pacified my need for giving something back to society and although I am no longer a fully-fledged member of this society, I still fervently believe in seeing good in others and carrying out good deeds. These can be random acts or more organised undertakings.


Comfortable in my own skin


I do embrace age and find that I do not want to turn the clock back. I do not believe going grey means becoming invisible.

Society is more inclusive than ever in that women can be older and also glamorous. There is a slew of modelling agencies for the over 50s and 60s and ageing women have a higher than ever profile. Marketing agencies have woken up to the fact that silver surfers have a massive influence and spending power. Women of this age no longer worry about being seen to be having procedures to hold back the ageing process. Indeed, cosmetic procedures make women more confident in their outlook.

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If we all create our own version of beauty as we age, we can challenge society’s view of growing old.


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