This is a very interesting question and there is no doubt that in today’s world surgeons are expected to have ‘soft skills with a bedside manner that instantly infuses you with an affable yet professional and trustworthy aura.

Back in the day when I trained surgeons and matrons were the scariest of creatures who with just one look could make you squirm, cringe and make you almost inert with terror. Thankfully those days are over.

Many surgeons and doctors will talk of their technical expertise and experience, which is very important but liking your surgeon and trusting your surgeon’s advice relies on a soft manner, a prudent approach and resourceful information that leaves you almost with a bonding feeling.

After all you are entrusting them to produce a safe and effective treatment, and I do believe that liking the surgeon, and feeling in safe hands should be closely associated.

Most surgeons by the time that they reach consultant level have demonstrated excellent knowledge, surgical skills and technical ability with a wealth of experience and expertise that equates to an innate understanding of many challenges and complications that sets them apart.


cosmetic surgeon

Prudence and knowing when aspired results are not attainable is also part of that journey. We all think that we know best when it comes to the outcome that we desire from cosmetic procedures. We also know that realistic expectations and patient care should be at the forefront of the decision-making process.

As medical and surgical experts will attest, matching the individual to the right outcome does have its limitations and boundaries, and truly ethical decisions often require giving a very honest opinion.

Trust, honesty and integrity should be three of the most important qualities when choosing your cosmetic or plastic surgeon.



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