It’s that time of year for body exposure

This is traditionally the time of year we start to wear t-shirts, shorts, bare legs and bring out the floaty summer clothes. We start dreaming of our summer holidays – and worrying about the size and shape of limbs and body and what we might look like in our bikini. Many of us get depressed when we start sorting through our summer outfits and feel negative and inadequate when we look in the mirror.

Weight gain in the winter months is just too easy, but shifting it is far less easy, as many of us at this time of year start to find out.

We can’t, and shouldn’t, however equate fitness and health into body mass and weight.

I used to carry out exercise cardiograms for my boss who was a cardiologist. One of my biggest and earliest lessons was with a very large (some would say obese man) on the treadmill. This very solid man outperformed many athletes that stepped onto that treadmill in his wake.

It is possible to be technically overweight but still healthy and fit.

Many of us obsess about weight gain when what we should be obsessing about is being fit and healthy. If you are a bit overweight but live cleanly and exercise regularly, you are at no greater risk than the thin patient who does not eat healthily and does not exercise.

The key is the fitness.

If you exercise regularly you negate some of the unhealthy habits. It is better to be fat and fit than thin and unfit. Not all overweight patients suffer with medical complications such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure or diabetes. It is also a fact that thin patients are also not free of medical complications such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure or diabetes.

Whatever a person’s size, exercise has huge benefits. You do not have to permanently restrict yourself, providing you exercise regularly.

However, if you add into the mix a healthier diet, you will reach higher goals that will make you feel good about yourself when looking in the mirror.

Life is a lottery when it comes to our health but taking enjoyment in your life and being happy in your own skin is achievable for everyone.

My advice would be to focus a little less on the numbers and more on changing the little things that are easily achievable. This way you’ll regain your confidence, vitality and live a fuller life.

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