These are a few of my favourite things…

As an expert in cosmetic treatments, I’m often asked what my favourite treatments are.

If I were to wax lyrical about my personal choices or the treatments that I regularly undertake, then my list is very simple. Looking after my skin has always been my primary goal and it therefore goes without saying that my favourite treatments are the ones that maintain and produce subtle but noticeable results. I like my skin clear, even toned, looking healthy and fresh with minimal make up.

It is surprising how many people underestimate the benefits of use of cosmeceutical products over time. Skin and skincare should be the foundation of all other forms of cosmetic treatments. All too often by the time patients reach me they have used and been sold ineffective treatments and products for many years.

I have tried and tested many products, chemical peels, treatments and lasers, but my ‘favourites’ list is surprisingly simple.


In no particular order for skin rejuvenation my personal regime includes:

Cosmeceutical Skincare Products – daily

Chemical Peels – my go to choice being Vitality Institute also known as Vi


LED Red light therapy


For my anti-ageing treatments, I sprinkle in a small amount of magic for instantaneous results. I use minimal amounts subtly and strategically of:


Dermal Fillers

Lip filler

Cosmetic Surgery

My favourite surgical procedure?

Hands down, this is definitely blepharoplasty. Mine has lasted 17 years and still looks as good now as it did when I had it done all those years ago.

Worth a read: A year that really opened my eyes with Blepharoplasty


To explore the cosmetic treatments that may work beautifully for you, contact me for a free consultation at Harley Street Skin Clinic Surrey





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