It is my experience that our parents and grandparents are being penalised if they are not technology savvy.

I have recently returned from a break. As always, I tried to log onto EasyJet for our e-boarding passes. Unable to do this, I eventually gave up and turned up two hours early at the airport to finalise the process. ‘Stand-by’ boarding passes were issued despite the holiday having been arranged for several months.
Apparently, EasyJet had overbooked the flight. This meant four people were unable to board and our luggage which had already been loaded onto the plane had to be taken off. EasyJet guaranteed they would get us back to the UK the same day.

Some two hours later no flights could be arranged as there was no availability for three days. This left us stranded at the airport. Several hundred pounds poorer we had to arrange our own flights with an alternative carrier and instead of getting home at 2pm in the afternoon we arrived home at 2am and had to arrange a cab from Essex to Surrey.

This unsavoury experience left me thinking, if this happened to a less tech savvy person, what would they have done? Any flight operator that can leave elderly, families or the vulnerable stranded is surely not fit for purpose.

It should be illegal to oversell seating and not guarantee a safe return.

I cannot imagine my 80 year old mother who can barely use a mobile telephone, being financially penalised for not being able to get an e-ticket or e-boarding pass. Ryanair fine passengers £60 each for not obtaining an e-boarding pass, and they are not alone.

Why are these companies allowed to rob an older generation and why do many companies stigmatise and penalise them?

It is happening in every walk of life. First it was the post-offices, now the banks and transport (on which so many rely). I cannot imagine the angst that my situation would have caused to someone more vulnerable than myself.

It is shocking that executives introducing these schemes have so little regard for a generation including their own parents and grandparents, and put no safety net in place to protect the most vulnerable in society.


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