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Right now there’s a big focus on the worldwide obesity epidemic and the attempt by various governments to either ban, label, regulate and legislate foods that lead to weight gain and obesity. Chile went so far as to change their laws and prohibit the sale of junk food!


Looking at the body in a more scientific point of view, I believe humans don’t need legislation – they need a better understanding and a better relationship with both their body and food. Diets have come and gone and the current trend for veganism is just the latest.


I would like to talk not about sugar in the body but about fat. After all it is the way that the body lays down and utilises fat for energy that has the greatest potential to affect and regulate how we eat and our relationship with food.


The body has two types of fat; BROWN fat that burns energy and WHITE fat that stores energy.


If we had a choice, we would all choose 100% good brown fat and this is where knowledge of thermogenics helps us understand the way that the body creates energy at cellular level. The two key processes are shivering thermogenesis which is a muscular reaction of the body to create heat, and non-shivering thermogenesis which creates heat without muscle interaction.


Eating a diet of sugars and starches compromises the levels of brown fat in the body. The good news however is that you do not need to become an overnight athlete to change white fat into brown fat. Just a few small steps will change your body stores of bad white fat into good brown fat. So how do we stimulate the production of more brown fat and convert white to brown fat?


Here are some good easy and natural examples:


  1. Cold, ice, shivering or cold thermogenesis stimulate the production of brown fat cells in our bodies. We have all heard of athletes taking cold showers and ice baths
  2. Exercise of any sort – just walking 30 minutes a day will increase your basal metabolic rate and start to reduce white fat stores
  3. Eating a diet that has a higher protein content will induce ketosis, so you will become a fuel burning machine just through eating
  4. Introduce regular fasting days making the body use its stores of fat to maintain cognitive and metabolic functioning


Introducing these four natural elements to your day will make you:


  1. Lose weight, through metabolising fat stores
  2. Maintain muscle mass whilst losing weight
  3. Burn more of the fat that is stored around essential organs such as the liver, heart and gut
  4. Turn white fat into brown fat


This is not medicine, is not science, is not news, is not a diet and more importantly is not a fad. We have known and understood this data for many years. We do not need regulation, bans or legislation to understand how the body functions, we just need to go back to basics.


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