Show our own caring, modest and self-effacing worth


If there’s one advantage of age it’s the benefit of hindsight. We can look back on generational changes in society and cherry pick the ideals that we want to live by and we believe were the best.

When we are younger, we often believe self-confidence is the answer to everything. But in my experience, and looking back on my own life, self-confidence can mask many of the traits that make you personable, self-effacing, polite and an advocate of others.


Every generation sees incredible advances in technology and technology has made many of us independent, mobile, transient, global and worldly.

But has this change diminished our self-worth and our humanitarianism? Whilst we seem to be more globally aware of others, as a society we seem to have lost a less sense of family, community and generational needs.

Life has become about immediacy. We can receive immediate gratification with the click of a mouse, a keyboard, a phone but we have not learnt how to harvest that to help each other more. I have a firm belief that sharing, caring, helping and collaboration is key to the success of our younger generations.

We are all similar and most people I’m sure would like to help their fellow man. We all want the same things in life; security, freedom, family and self-worth. However, arguably a quest for altruism can mean taking these things from others in the world who need them a lot more.

I have always felt reasonably blessed in my life and take pride in helping others who need it when I can. I know there are many in this world like me. I also believe that that some of the youngest in our society are showing others their own caring, modest and self-effacing worth.

The next generation wants to make a difference and I applaud their efforts.


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