When is middle age for women?

There is now a mythical middle age or ageless woman somewhere between 45-60. This has sneaked its way into the professional woman’s armoury. Even over the age of 60 it is now difficult to be defined by our age thanks to the trend in subtle aesthetic treatments.

In a bid to command respect, keep jobs, husbands, households and family expertly balanced, what was once termed as ‘middle age’ no longer exists. The years in-between being young and being old have almost become deferred as if in a time warp.

Middle aged women now look good, sexy and seem to have more of a voice because of it. Everyone, male or female, can look and admire the rise of the middle-aged executive, energised professional. Most of us do not feel very different on the inside than we did a decade ago. In fact, many of us are putting in age defying hours, conferences and travel whilst projecting an image that flouts our numbered age in years.

Very careful treatments and cosmetic enhancements, well into our sixties, have led to a mythical prevarication of our dated age.


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We have learnt that subtle regular enhancements and not trying to turn back the clock too far has become the holy grail in refinement. It is easy to overstep this mark though, so it is essential to have an ongoing relationship with your clinician. This is where trust and honesty are just as important as in any relationship. If you trust your clinician, you will feel comfortable with their advice and that includes them saying ‘no’ when you might ask to do something that will make you look ‘overdone’.

Most of us want to stay active well into our sixties, projecting energy and vitality which is just as important as the way we look. Feeling and looking energised, even when you may feel dead on your feet, is what most colleagues will notice most. People want to see energy, particularly what looks like effortless energy, being radiated no matter the workload and stress.

That goes for yourself too. When you feel drained, tired, stressed and plain ‘done in’; looking at a different vision in the mirror can give you the confidence and motivation to get through the day, drive on and project a professional edge.



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