Most of us have a general knowledge of menopause and what to expect as a menopausal woman, but the journey is truly unique to each individual.


There are lots of women willing to share the experience of their menopause journey. It is worth remembering though that everyone’s journey is different, and therein lies the key to being wise. If you’re expecting a one-size-fits-all plan, then just visiting your GP and taking HRT may be the extent of your own knowledge.

More women are looking for reasoning, alternative treatment and cognitive therapies.

90% of women are now working during their perimenopause years, often with teenage daughters (with their own raging hormones) and ageing mothers who most likely did not have to work and cope with the difficulties that our generation do.

Women at work have their own unique set of challenges and many women find themselves so stressed trying to cope that they often walk out of work and feel incapable of contributing anymore. Just as the menopause brings physical and mental challenges of its own, this period in a woman’s life is often seen as an opportunity to reassess, take stock and make some changes, even change career path. Many women jump in and start their own companies in a bid to challenge themselves differently.

I am post-menopause so do have some experience of the emotional havoc that often accompanies this transitional period of your life.

During perimenopause on a professional level, work stress became the mainstay of my life. I had poor concentration levels, I was either tearful or angry, I was always tired, and forgetfulness became an everyday occurrence of my life.

I’d never really been used to questioning my own ability to perform at a high level at work.

Feeling an inability to perform is a major confidence blow and I became acutely self-conscious and doubtful of my abilities.

Most of us have a general knowledge of menopause and what to expect as a menopausal woman, but the journey is truly unique to each individual.

What’s interesting is that when your periods eventually stop and you are deemed post-menopausal, the symptoms carry on for some time afterwards. Most women are completely unaware of this fact.

Menopause should become a mindset


Years ago, it was termed ‘the change’. This is now deemed out of touch and almost offensive terminology, but if you think about it logically, for many of us menopause brings about an introspection that is more prevalent than at any time during our lives.

It is almost the beginning of the next chapter of your own very personal book. This transition will awaken changes both physically and mentally and can in many cases open possibilities for self-discovery.

We no longer have to look at closing the pages on our youth and suppressed dreams, but have an opportunity to reignite passions and skills that have been lost whilst paying the bills and bringing up the family.

For many women their own personal journey starts around menopause when for almost the first time in their lives they start to prioritise themselves.

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