New Year Resolutions? Only Three!

This year I made three New Year Resolutions and was determined to stick to them all! I know how many times we make ourselves that promise….

So here goes….

  1. Give up alcohol for six weeks
  2. Give up chocolate for six weeks
  3. Move around more throughout the day

Interestingly I have managed all three successfully to date with very little effort.

Everyone has personal reasons for making their New Year promises, mine were to just break habitual routines.

It is very easy to reach for that glass of wine at the end of long days in clinic, so I thought that this might be hard to let go. Strangely it has been much easier than I anticipated. For the first time in years I have also started taking a multi vitamin and multi mineral combo, just to support bodily functioning. My system gets a break as does my liver and skin.

Most of our food cravings come from lack of hydration so this has been a good time to increase my fluid intake which has a natural slimming effect. Without the need to diet.

Chocolate has been the hardest as I am secretly a bit of a chocoholic. I have had to ban it from the house so I do not lapse into those chocolate frenzies, which can mean eating every last morsel in direct view, one chocolate item is never enough!

The third again has been relatively easy. I make a habit of getting up and out of my office chair more regularly and get out into the fresh air two to three times daily. It stops those circadian rhythms playing havoc during my working day and acts as a mild appetite suppressant. Dual benefits for a healthier kick start to the year.

These are only small goals, but I have found smaller goals in life are more readily attainable whilst life continues to throw up the usual curve balls to add to the usual stresses and strains of living. Small goals do not add additional tensions on you, and are instantly achievable, which in turn helps you feel good about yourself whilst contributing to your overall health and wellbeing.



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