Celebrate Working Mother’s this Mother’s Day

It’s a little time since my last blog and with Mother’s Day looming I thought that it was time to celebrate not just mothers but working mothers.

Those unsung heroes of every imaginable mundane task who come to the rescue of children, husbands and work colleagues without giving themselves so much as a second thought.

Unfortunately, I think women find out the hard way that there is no such thing as having it all. We build ourselves up only to fall often at the first hurdle and then admonish ourselves for failing and wrap ourselves up in guilt.

We feel ‘guilty’ if we work, we feel ‘guilty’ if we don’t work. We feel ‘guilty’ if the house is not clean, not tidy, if there is no home cooked meal waiting, missing the children’s sports day, or school play. You will not find your husband or partner worrying if they are not super human, so why do we put so much pressure on ourselves?

Mother's Day

I think this is the inane nurturing side of women. We do not ask for help, which is silly. No one will know that you are struggling with the exception (most likely) of your own mother. Your mother is often your own support structure that helps you to keep focused and sane without being judge or jury.

Women often choose to go back to work either full time or part time to increase their own self-worth, self-fulfillment. They love the independence and social contact that they receive from it.

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Beating ourselves up on the home front is therefore is paradoxical and self-effacing. We are not machines, we are not perfect and therefore the first idea we should ditch is this idea of idealism and perfectionism.

Going home at the end of a demanding workday, you should be able to kick off your shoes, pick up a healthy quick meal and enjoy your time with your children and husband without feeling guilty over food, the house, the laundry or tomorrow’s agenda.

Try to take joy out of the time that you have together and stop beating yourself up.

I wish all of you working mothers a very joyous and happy Mother’s Day. Keep counting your blessings and take joy from your own achievements.


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