Less is more, but the natural look – going bare or minimally bare – is something that shines from within.

If you are confident and don’t worry what others think, then you have a head start. It is almost mind over makeup. If you ask most men, they do not like the contoured heavy make-up that seems to have taken over most of Facebook and Instagram images.

The secret to looking attractive at any age is beautiful skin, semi-permanent/permanent makeup and an investment in classic clothing that does not need to be designer.

Less is more

We have all over-excessed on makeup, shoes, handbags and clothes. But as we age, less can be more. Semi-permanent natural looking lipstick, eyeliner and eyebrows give you that every day groomed look with no effort required. Picking a perfect hair style that suits and requires minimum attention, completes the groomed, ready-for-anything-at-any-time look.

French women seem to do this so well, they look natural but a lot of effort is likely to have gone into achieving this look.

Good skin in the foundation

A base of really good skin is vital, and you can never invest too much in glowing youthful skin. It is interesting that many aesthetic treatments are now based on natural therapies which use the body’s own repair mechanism to produce the most wonderful, youthful skin treatments.

A regular sauna or hammam steam does wonders for aging skin, and if you have ever been abroad and had a luxury full body hammam you would be a convert of this body treatment. You walk out with silky smooth, perfectly polished skin.

It is very easy to look naturally youthful if you have perfect skin, but many ladies do not pursue this holy grail. Instead they will buy expensive make up and not invest the same amount in cosmeceuticals or treatments that will achieve better results.

If you turn to a specialist clinic who provides ‘anti aging’ treatments you should aim to subtly improve and keep your own natural features. I have seen too many ladies start to look like caricatures of themselves. The ideal approach is to embrace the aging process, enhance and improve, without looking like a different version of you.

The objective of a good plastic surgeon will be to keep your natural beauty and not try to fit you into a trend of popularist beauty ideal. After all, we all know that fashion comes and goes including lips, bottoms and breasts. Those ladies that stay true to themselves with moderate mini improvements along the way will always age the best.

The bottom line is, if you look in the mirror and feel good about yourself even without make-up, you have got it right. Don’t worry about analysing unflattering photographs, what you see in the mirror is what others see (and possibly envy).


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