Christmas can be a very stressful time of year whether you are working full time, part time or are a stay at home mum. Our minds are now focused what is can be the most challenging aspect of your personal and social calendar. The Christmas holiday period can be a gamut of complexity with both social interactions, work interactions and family or relatives. Often torn between people and family that you both wish to spend time with, but just as many you would prefer not to. It is the ‘obligatory’ aspect of Christmas that causes so many of us so much stress.

It is almost like a throwback to wedding organisation with family and friends but with the additional social, work and colleague expectations thrown in to an already explosive mix. We try so hard to create the ‘perfect wedding’ and the ‘perfect Christmas’ that we almost forget we are human with human failings. The perception of something ‘perfect’ or trying to create something perfect whilst juggling our normal day to day lives can be exhausting, and almost from the end of November we begin to feel the accumulation of the pressure.

Everywhere you look, Christmas decorations, Christmas food, Christmas presents, Christmas jollies screech at you. Even your weekly shop becomes a challenge as you dance around displays shouting for your attention.

With all this mesmerising marketing it is easy to see how you can lose yourself long before the ‘holiday’ arrives. Even the word ‘holiday’ is laughable as it is usually anything but that!

When I remember my childhood, the focus in the house was always the tree. This was the singularly most important part of our family Christmas together with Christmas dinner. We all helped to decorate the house, the tree and prepare the table and food. But it is also true that life was much simpler then. I think the key to having an enjoyable, less stressful time is to peel back the layers and try to simplify and maximise every process.

So here are some of my tips that may help you to de-stress this year:

  1. Don’t go and buy that killer outfit, this adds extra pressure that you don’t need. Accessorise something that you have not worn in a while.
  2. Delegate responsibilities to family members. If it is your year to do the entertaining why not make it part of the fun by introducing a ‘my personal recipe’ pudding / starter / mulled wine / cocktail. Then each year this could become a family tradition. Years ago family could not afford presents for the extended family which is why games, treats, food and drink were brought by family members. These gifts were then shared by all as a group thereby unburdening financial responsibility.
  3. We all shop on line now and Amazon who will be flat out and probably busier than Santa Claus himself. It is very easy to get carried away and add things that are not really required. Try to give yourself a financial limit and avoid getting carried away. If you were sitting with that pile of cash in front of you, you would be less likely to overspend. Before credit cards we all had to limit ourselves and it is good to become a little austere.
  4. Remember, just like the perfect Christmas and the perfect wedding there is no such thing as the perfect gift. Write a list, give it some thought, stick to it and you will find shopping much less stressful. Take advantage of a cash back site such as TopCashBack to save some money and make your budget go further.
  5. Book your food delivery order online now to avoid disappointment, you will find that that delivery slots are already limited around the Christmas week.
  6. Schedule days when you do nothing ‘Christmassy’, give your mind and body a break. Stick to these days religiously and you will be amazed how your stress levels reduce.


Most Important – Christmas is supposed to be a holiday for everyone and that includes you. It is a break from normal routines and the normal stresses of life. This is your holiday too, don’t forget to delegate and remember the old adage – if you don’t ask you don’t get.

Others are not mind readers, you will be amazed how much more fun you have sharing tasks and lessening your own burden.

So ask for help!

And above all have some festive Fun!

Here’s to a ‘perfect’ Christmas


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