There are some interesting hypothesise surrounding this subject, however there appears to be something interesting in data surrounding the use of capsule driven sun protection. There are even a few cosmetic dermatologists who recommend this as a year-round supplement for skin complaints.

Heliocare® has always been my personal choice of sun protection. This is the only thing that they do, and they do it really well. Heliocare® have produced capsules for a long time, so this is nothing new, what is new is my acceptance of a capsules role in assisting skin protection. Emerging science seems to point that the fact that the Fernblock used in Heliocare® 360° capsules has rich antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which provide added protection from environmental damage. Free radicals cause cellular damage to the skin which leads to premature ageing and pigmentation.

Heliocare® 360° capsules have a substance known as N-Acetycysteine which works with your bodies own natural antioxidant defence mechanism and assists in the production of glutathione. Vitamin B3 in the capsules protect skin cells reducing the risk of skin cancers.

This is a great product to start using in the days leading up to your holiday, whilst away and then on your return.

Patients with dermatological skin conditions would appear to be the greater beneficiaries of this added layer of protection. They are particularly advised in use for:

  1. Prickly heat
  2. Acne
  3. Rosacea
  4. Hyperpigmentation
  5. Melasma & Chloasma

Heliocare® 360° capsules should form part of your skin routine before skiing and summer holidays. They are not suggested as a replacement for SPF (you will still need your sun cream and physical barriers) but as an adjunct or added layer of protection whilst your skin is over exposed to the sun and its rays.

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