Can you minimise illness by managing your lifestyle?

minimise illness

There was a time when you only visited your doctor when you were very ill. But from the 1980s the NHS and central government began to see that preventing illness was the future of medicine. And so began a very successful campaign to raise public awareness of prevention rather than cure.

So successful has this campaign been, that much of society is focused on health and wellness. But the medical profession is also now dealing more with crisis and emergency.

Thanks to this campaign and the huge amount information available about health, we can all play a large part in our own longevity and wellness.

We have not become medical experts, but we do seek specialist opinion and undertake more diagnostics on an outpatient basis. The NHS aggressively advocates empowerment and self-management for chronic illness, allowing patients to advocate and maintain good body function.

Awareness of mental illness has been at the forefront of the public psyche for a few years and only because of this campaign has stigma and our understanding of mental health started to improve.

We have caught up with America in that we now are beginning to take our mental health as seriously as our physical health.


Balance your lifestyle for wellness

This encourages each and every one of us to balance and harmonise wellness.

Improving our relationship with eating, exercise and stress can help us take control of our quality of life. These are the fundamental ingredients that propel empowerment and self-management. Investing in yourself, your education, your physical wellbeing and your mental health will reap its own rewards and give you a life worth living.

Pass this on to your children and they will become balanced and enlightened individuals with a true grasp of lifestyle choices to keep them healthy.

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The next generation are certainly more socially and environmentally savvy than my generation and they are educating and slowly turning the course of the future of the planet.

But I digress.

The question was, ‘can you keep well and limit or minimise illness?’ I believe every individual has a hand in the management of their future wellbeing. If you happen to live a shorter life than expected or live to become a centenarian, how you manage this life, make improvements, change habits and pick your own lifestyle choices, no matter your age you will lead a more fulfilled and happy existence knowing you have done everything in your power to make it a healthy one.



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