Everywhere you look, young and old alike are using social media and apps to post a proliferation of images of themselves. Gone are the days of waiting for holiday or party snaps to come back with red eyes, over and under exposure and being stuck with the results.
Now photographing ourselves is part of our everyday lives thanks to high quality cameras on phones, obsession with selfies, social media, instant uploads, filters and editing.

Save. Delete. Post. Save. Delete. Post.

If you’re more in the ‘delete’ camp; it can be miserable. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Celebrity influence

A rising trend among new generations is that they will look at their icons and will seek procedures to emulate features that they admire. Celebrities are no longer a distant entity on a pedestal; they are accessible; present every day around us.

As most of our icons will have had more than a little assistance from cosmetic procedures, it is a well-known trend that this is a driving force to many seeking to alter their own features.

Narcissistic and vain? Or empowering and confidence building?

There is criticism in the press that this is purely a young narcissistic tendency. But society is increasingly focused on looks and perfection. People throughout the ages have aspired for beauty and to be in line with trends. It’s just that the means to achieve aesthetic perfection is now so much more accessible.

We have choice. We have information. The industry is safe and well regulated.

Rising acceptance

We have all grown up reading about celebrities having Botox® and Fillers and for the most part find it comforting and acceptable to tweak our looks. Whether we seek solutions in cosmetics or cosmetic surgery, most of us have aspired to improvements; whether smoother skin, plumper cheeks or plumper lips.

And this social trend and rise in acceptance of cosmetic procedures is not just confined to the young. Ladies and men of middle and mature age are also engaged in selfie taking, social media and social photography. Many professional men and women will have corporate portrait shots on professional networking websites, and want to feel confident that they look their best.

Their route to this confidence may be their ‘little secret’. But it may just have changed their lives.

Camera confidence can be yours.

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