These three defining moments represent the circle of life, as well as the challenge of coming to terms with additions and deductions from the family circle through births and deaths.

The ageing process creates a resilience to love and grief as we find each addition breathes new life into us and each deduction sucks life out of us. The emotions of birth, love and grief are inescapably linked. Aging creates an awareness of one’s own mortality and of the mortality of those that we love the most. Our circle of love gradually diminishes over time and we look around to see a few steadfast connections where there were once many more. On the flip side, additions to the family bring a huge emotional cycle reminding us of the connections that we have lost, engulfing both joy and sorrow simultaneously.

An illness has the same propensity to produce a similar gamut of overwhelming emotion, grief and stress factors that affect our lives in physical ways.

The loss of a loved one, young or old, can often rob you of the future you have built so much hope upon. The loss of a mother often builds stronger bonds within the family circle as this metaphorically cuts the umbilical chord between one generation and the next.

defining moments

There are many that assume that after a long illness or even a short illness when the prognosis is clearly set in timelines, you will be mentally prepared for the loss. The truth is that even after a long drawn out illness you are never prepared for the emptiness and aching left in its wake.

It is also true that there is no right way to grieve, everyone reacts differently but when a birth occurs this brings extra joy and so the rhythm of life continues…..



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