Are we seeing a trend for men searching for partners who are equal and economically advantaged?

History and literature have shown women seeking a man of at least equal standing and marrying for sometimes economic reasons and even for reasons of social enhancement. But arguably we are seeing a reversal in these stereotypical roles. Are men now searching for women who can provide the same?

With the emergence of more financially independent women and a relative shift in gender power, in some respects we’re entering a new era of modern feminism. There was a radical feminism in the 1970s which I remember well, which led to significant social change through equal opportunity legislation. However, a recent movement of women speaking out appears to be leading to another, different wave of feminism. Governments are addressing gender imbalance in certain respects and men appear to be supporting these developments. Social media is helping to fuel this voice.

In the decade of late 1960s and 1970s women were raised to fight and compete for the rights that many of the younger generation take for granted now. This movement was colloquially termed as ‘burn the bra brigade’ a derogatory term spawned by the media.

Following more recent events and the speech made by Oprah Winfrey at the Golden Globes earlier this year, it would appear that women are once again speaking up and openly about the wrongs of gender inequality. This could almost be the beginning of another momentous surge of collective consciousness.

A woman no longer needs a partner who supports her financially and many are now equally poised to attract upwardly mobile partners who will play a supporting role in her life. This by tradition would always have been expected of a woman, but many women are now choosing professional career paths more identifiable to their own aspirations in life. More women than ever are running their own businesses and looking for engaging adventures that challenge perceptions of employment, employers and entrepreneurship.

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There is no doubt that education is the path to professional success but uniting this to a personal passion is the key to economic success. Women particularly are choosing spouses who are equal, creating partnerships where both contribute to the relationship in a loving, supportive union.

Men are no longer seen as having to be the power house of income related wealth and with women are more in control of their own destiny, working environment and their own self sufficiency, many are choosing to share or even become primary providers. This tipping or leveling of the balance of gender appears to be having a profound effect and creating a new phenomenon of men ‘marrying up’ and reaping status through the joint alliance. Relationships are becoming more about decency, equality, respect and balance.


Women no longer need to feel sublimated and a reflection of their partner’s worth. In the words of a very famous song by Annie Lennox and Aretha Franklin

‘Sisters are doing it for themselves’.


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